1 month 1 week ago

New filtration solution for activated sludge tank ! Our fine screen is installed just at the outlet in order to separates solids in the raw water before the process continues. Made in France !

Project characteristics:
Model: FINE SCREEN 150
Technology: Manual fine screen
Width: 1000mm x 500mm
Height: 1500mm
Nominal flow: 150 m³/h
Aperture perforated plate: 2 mm
Material: Stainless steel 316L
Option: Spray bar system countercurrent jets with nozzle & ball valve
Location: Romania 🇷🇴

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2 months 2 weeks ago

Watch our EQUIP STEP in operation !

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2 months 3 weeks ago

Installation et démarrage d’un floculateur dynamique EQUIP FLOCCU 600 pour une usine à papier en Suède ! Juste avant passage sur une table d’égouttage.

Caractéristiques du projet :
Modèle : EQUIP FLOCCU 600
Technologie : Dynamique
Volume : 600 litres
Application : Usine à papier
Lieu : Suède

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3 months 3 days ago

New installation and commissioning of two (2) EQUIP STEP! Fantastic Slovak team on site for installation + Fantastic step screens = a happy final client.

Project characteristics:

Model: EQUIP STEP 1200
Technology: Step screen
Channel width: 1200mm
Channel depth: 1120 mm
Nominal flow per screen: 500 m³/h
Aperture lamella: 10 mm
Location: Slovakia

Watch the video, it’s here:

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4 months 3 days ago

Do you need to equip your settling tank ? EQUIP LAMELLA modules are perfect to adapt to your structure !

- Increase your sedimentation by 6 to 15 times
- Decrease the size of your sedimentation tanks
- Flexible and adjustable modules dimensions
- Recyclable & Recycled

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5 months 2 weeks ago

Two (2) new step screens for the upgrade a sewage treatment plant in Slovakia 🇸🇮 ! No matter where you are we help you to acheive your project !
We will share with you the final installation of our machines !

Do you need fine screening solution? It's here:

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5 months 4 weeks ago

Loading of four (4) Motorized Basket Screens for new pumping stations in Qatar ! Solids are caught into the baskets by the bars with a 20mm filtration as well as their dropdown screens during the lift up. Effluent pipes are located 10 meters deep !

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6 months 1 week ago

Manufacture of two (2) Manual Bar Screens for the Philippines. Installation in existing channels with custom dimensions and 6mm aperture.

We ship filtration solutions worldwide !

Learn more about our Manual Bar Screen:

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6 months 2 weeks ago

One of our Spiral Screen 300 is under installation in a fish factory in Portugal. A floor plate was provided to cover the channel including a flange to get the odors coming from raw water which contains scales, skin and bones of fish. We will show you final installation !

Want to learn more about our Spiral Screen :
Want to learn more about EQUIPWATER :

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7 months 1 day ago

Chargement de notre classificateur à sable EQUIP GRIT 20 pour une nouvelle STEP en Bretagne. Débit nominal 20 m3/h avec une séparation de 90% des particules de sable ⩾200µm. Nous partagerons avec vous les photos de l'installation finale sur site !

Pour en savoir plus sur notre classificateur:

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7 months 2 weeks ago

Here we present our case study for our shafted screw compactor EQUIP PRESS located in the south of France. A cost effective solution for your pretreatment waste !

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8 months 2 weeks ago

Une nouvelle installation pour notre tamis statique en entrée de station de traitement des eaux usées. La séparation des eaux est s'effectuée par une maille de 2 mm sur une largeur de 2 mètres. Cette station recupère les eaux en provenance d'une laiterie. Notre ensemble a été fabriqué près de Paris. Merci au client pour sa confiance !

Plus d'informations sur notre site internet ici :

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9 months 3 weeks ago

L'année dernière, nous avons livré une installation complete de prétraitement sur skid avec deux (2) tamis statiques et un convoyeur compacteur pour les déchets. Cette société Oil&gas avait besoin de tamisage fin de 500 µm pour la séparation des eaux pluviales de toute l'usine. Très belle installation ! �
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1 year 1 month ago

Installation last month by our large French petroleum company near Lyon of an EQUIPWATER 10mm pre-filtration. This 6 by 2 meters wide rotating manual screen is operated using a custom-made lifting gantry!

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1 year 2 months ago

New dynamic flocculator for a paper mill in Sweden! This flocculator will be installed upstream of a gravity belt thickener. 🙂
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