About us

EQUIPWATER designs and manufactures professional equipment dedicated to water treatment. We are part of the CIFRA group with a total of 80 people, allowing a pooling of commercial, technical and financial synergies.


Our team of engineers and technicians expert in water treatment cumulate an experience of more than 10 years allowing us the realization of installations as well in Europe as in Worldwide.

Building Equipwater - Wastewater treatment equipment


All our equipment is manufactured strictly according to the standards. We can provide quality certificates, test reports but also stainless steel origin before delivery. Part of our team is dedicated to quality inspection in order to ensure the proper functioning of our equipment and satisfy our customers.


EQUIPWATER will assist you before, during and after your water project to give you the best experience with our equipment. Our staff works to help our customer to decide the solution regarding your application. We will work hard to earn your trust. For the after Sales Service we are availible at any time 24h/24 to ensure the proper functioning of your equipment.

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