Lamella Clarifiers Separators  – EQUIP LAMELLA

EQUIP LAMELLA is a modular structure in lightweight recycled PVC. The purpose of these sloping cells is to quickly and compactly separate the particles in the water. It is an economical process to eliminate pollution through sedimentation via these modular PVC block.

Lamella clarifier or also known as inclined plate separator is designed to remove particulates & sediments from liquids. They serve as primary and tertiary clarification system for sewage or industrial waste streams. It provides a large effective settling area, resulted up to 80% less footprint compared to a traditional settling tank.

Recycled & Recyclable

Characteristics & Benefits

Increase your sedimentation by 6 to 15 times

Decrease the size of your sedimentation tanks

Safe installation with worldwide delivery

Flexible dimensions

Recycled & Recyclable


  • Sedimentation tank
  • Decrease the size of sedimentation tanks
  • Flexible dimensions
  • Safe installation with worldwide delivery


primary settling tank
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lightweight pvc block for sedimentation
Packing lamellar settling tank
Integration of lamella in a decanter
loading module packing for lamellar settling tank and decanter