Polymer unit – EQUIP POLY

EQUIP POLY preparation and dosing station is designed for the production of polymer / polyelectrolyte solutions for the treatment of sludge. Our plants are used for all separation cases such as biological sludge or physicochemical processes.

The polymer solutions are prepared by dilution in the tank. The operator sets up the dosing system (dosing pump) and the water supply regulation in the network according to the need. The water is mixed with the concentrated polymer in the tank with a vertical mixer at low speed. The machine is designed to meet a specific retention time (20-30 min) based on the flow of the dosing pump and the water inlet.

EQUIP POLY composition

  • Mixing tank in stainless steel AISI 304 divided into one or more sections
  • Discharge ball valve
  • Overflow sleeve
  • Vertical low rpm mixer with stainless steel shaft and blades
  • Bars sensor level
  • Solenoid valve for network water
  • Regulation pressure valve + Y filter
  • Flow meter for monitoring mechanical-analog input network water
  • Screw/piston dosing pump for concentrate poli
  • Screw/piston dosing pump for diluted poli


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