Internally Fed – DRUM SCREEN

DRUM SCREEN is an internally fed screening device with the flow being fed and distributed inside a screening cylinder called drum. The stainless steel cylinder designed with wedge wire mesh or perforated holes from 0,25 to 6 mm provide the best screening/solids capture performance in all screening applications.


Most efficient screening technology

Capture everything

Structure & Drum in stainless steel

Tamis Trommel - Drum Screen by Equipwater


The raw water is fed in the internal rotating surface of the screen. Solids remain on the surface of the screen while the liquid goes through the screen. As the screening cylinder rotates, the solids drop off one diverter flight to the next until they reach the discharge. A spraying/backwash system located on the upper half of the unit, will wash off any solids, grease or other materials sticking to the face of the screen and keep the perforation clean.


On a custom skid

Combined with compaction equipment

With pre-wired control panel


drum screen in a wastewater treatment plant
drum screen in a wastewater treatment plant
drum screen equipwater in the shop
drum screen equipwater in the shop
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tamis trommel en fabrication dans l'atelier

DRUM SCREEN in operation

DRUM SCREEN in operation