Multiple – RAKE SCREEN

The RAKE SCREEN meets the need to have a separation of the coarse screenings from wastewater, whether civil or industrial. The machine is composed by a screen with a spacing which can vary from 6 to 40 mm but can also be made with perforated plate. The screenings are lifted, transported and discharged using rakes, that are also suitable for cleaning the filtration area. Rakes are guided by rails at the bottom without any bearings/mechanical components submerged by the raw water.

Characteristics & Benefits

No Sprocket or bearings submerged

Guides & rails at the bottom

Capture plastics, wipes, bottles

Low maintenance

Multiple Rake Screen Equipwater


Le RAKE SCREEN sépare les déchets grossiers des eaux usées municipales ou industrielles. L’équipement est composé d’une grille ou tôle perforée avec un entrefer pouvant varier de 6 à 40 mm. Les éléments solides sont soulevés, transportés et déchargés à l’aide de râteaux adaptés au nettoyage de la zone de filtration. Les râteaux sont guidés par des rails au fond sans aucun roulements / composants mécaniques immergés par l’eau du canal.
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RAKE SCREEN in operation

Multiple RAKE SCREEN during assembly and factory test

Multiple RAKE SCREEN at the headworks of a wwtp