Motorized  – BASKET SCREEN

The motorized BASKET SCREEN is made of a rectangular basket lifted out of the well and lowered by an electrical winch. The guidance of the basket is made by two guide rails fixed at the structure in which the basket is driven over 4 rollers. At the top, waste is discharged by gravity into the dumpster. The drive is made by a rope drum with gear motor installed on top of the frame. The size of the basket is suited to the inlet situation and the opening filtration is designed following the type of waste. The basket can be made with tubular bars, rectangular bars or even perforated plate. When the basket is lifted, a drop screen automatically closes the inlet so that no screenings is discharge into the well.


Characteristics & Benefits

Custom designed on request for each situation

Retrofit in any Pump Station & Lift Station

Catch all sizes of wastes, wipes, wood, rocks, bottles

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