Flow Acelerators – EQUIP FLOW

Our flow accelerators are submersible mixers and the aim is to keep a mixed wastewater, derived from domestic or industrial plants. Their major advantage is the large hydraulic flow, due to the large diameter of the blades. This allows to use it in various applications.


Adjustable propeller blades

Two-stage planetary gearbox in oil filled

Blades in polyamide and fiberglass

Propeller hub in stainless steel

Motor housing and planetary gear in cast iron

Bolts/Nuts and lifting system in stainless steel

Galvanic isolation of components

Technical Characteristics

  • Asynchronous 3 phases electric motor
  • 2 thermic probes in the stator winding
  • Protection IP68 and F class insulation
  • Max submergence depth: 20m
  • Max solid content in the liquid: 12%
  • Submersible H07-RN-F neoprene cable
  • Fluid pH between 5 and 12
  • Max temperature of pumped liquid: 40°C
  • Continuous service


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