Septage Acceptance Unit – EQUIP SEP

EQUIP SEP is a machine used to pre-treat wastewater from cesspools, storm drain, industry sewage carried by a tank truck, that have the necessities to be treated before a waste water treatment plant. The machine receive the liquid directly from tank truck by means of a quick connection DN Perrot type. The liquid pass through a perforated screw screen in order to remove all suspended solids; all the filtrated material is transported by the screw on the top of the machine, where it will be washed and compacted before the discharge.

Characteristics & Benefits

DN Perrot type

Automatic motorized valve

Integrated washing system

Option water level sensor

EQUIP SEP est une machine utilisée pour prétraiter les eaux des égouts et des eaux usées industrielles transportées par un camion de curage, qui doivent être traitées avant d’être renvoyé vers la station d’épuration. L’équipement reçoit les eaux directement du camion au moyen d’un raccord rapide de type DN Perrot. Les effluents passent à travers un tamis perforé afin d’éliminer tous les solides en suspension. L’ensemble des déchets filtrés sont ensuite convoyés par la vis jusqu’à la zone de lavage et compactage.

The machine is composed by a reception tank with quick connection, automatic motorized ball valve and a screw screen with compacting zone. Inside the tank is installed a bars sensor level to control the height of the water inside the tank; this, in order to open or close the automatic valve. This system can control the tank truck cycle of discharge automatically. Screening, transport and compacting zone are equipped with a washing system in order to remove all the organic parts from before the discharge.


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