Submersible Aerators – EQUIP AIR

EQUIP AIR is a submersible aerator used in applications where it is required the air supply in tanks in sewage treatment plants. The aerator installation is very simple and does not require, in many cases, none of civil work as it is rested on the bottom of the basin and, by means of its weight, the stability is guaranteed.

As the fixing point, we recommend the use of a rope connected to the self-priming pipe, fixed on the wall of the basin, to ensure to maintains the perpendicularity of the pipe. Both the installation and removal of the equipment, if necessary, con be carried out with the full tank.


In wastewater treatment plant WWTP and especially for:

  • Homogenization and equalization tank
  • Biological oxidation tank
  • Stabilization tank
  • Oxidation and nitrification tank


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Optimal oxygenation with high returns

Easy installation and maintenance

Versatility of usage in any type of tank


Stainless steel construction for longer life a better resistance to corrosion