Screw Press – EQUIP SLUDGE

The Thickener and Dewater SCREW PRESS are machines used for thickening and dewatering sludge. They represent a viable alternative to machines currently in use and have been designed to achieve high levels of thickening and dewatering, combined with a reduction in energy costs and maintenance.

The machines are both constituted by a drum, with wedge wire spacing, inside which, by means of a geared motor with a low power and low rpm, rotates a screw with a variable pitch shaft.

Dimensionally the two versions have the same footprint, what differs is mainly the screw pitch, the pneumatic counter pressure system, only present in the Dewater Screw Press, and further technical measures needed for the different purpose of the machine.


Both versions are equipped with a cleaning system necessary for the drum cleaning it can be motorized or fixed. On request is possible to have the dehydrator/thickener complete with all the machines (Polymer unit EQUIP POLY, flocculator static or dynamic EQUIP FLOCCU, pumps, control panel, ect) needed for its correct operation, installed on mobile skid in stainless steel. In both models the incoming sludge should be first conditioned by a polyelectrolyte treatment, so as to obtain a proper flocculation of the sludge itself, in order to optimize the operation of the machines.

The Thickener and Dewater Screw Press can be provided, on request, even with a static or dynamic flocculation system. The flocculated sludge, once it comes inside of the thickener or dehydrator proceeds its path moved by a screw with shaft. The screw, depending on the type of machine, changes its pitch, besides other technical characteristics, thus allowing the thickening or dehydration. During the rotation of the screw at low rpm, the separated water passes through the drum to then be channeled towards the discharge area of the eluate.

After reaching the discharge zone, the sludge is conveyed towards the outlet, situated on the bottom of the machine which in the case of the thickener can be connected to a pump which transfers the product to a possible subsequent dehydration system, while in the dewater screw press, once passed the pneumatic counter pressure system, the sludge is discharged within special dumpster or is loaded into a transport system made with screw conveyors or with transport belts.

To obtain the best performance in terms of sludge dewatering, the two machines can be installed one after the other: first the thickener to obtain a concentration, variable depending on the model from 4 to 8% of SS, and to follow the dewater screw press for dewatering, with a dry matter percentage up to 25%. The dewatering screw press is particularly suitable to thicken and also dehydrate the material from flotation units.

Polymer unit and flocculator

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Thickening screw press

Dewatering screw press

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On skid solution

Characteristics & Benefits

Low energy consumption

Better cost of operation than belt filter press

Low noise level

Easy access and maintenance

System fully closed


Complete package with screw conveyor

Sludge Screw Press – EQUIP SLUDGE

Our Screw Press in operation in a wine factory