Equipwater is a company specialized in manufacturing, installation and maintenance of professional equipment for wastewater pretreatment, industrial and agricultural uses.

Our screening solutions are cost effective, adapted to existing structures and new infrastructures. We supply, install and supervise our screens directly to our customers Waste Water Treatment Plants WWTP and industrial companies.

Multiple Rake Screen - Equipwater - wastewater solutions

inclinED BAR SCREEN – RAKE screen

The RAKE SCREEN meets the need to have a separation of the coarse screenings from wastewater, whether civil or industrial. The machine is composed by a screen with a spacing which can vary from 6 to 40 mm. The screenings are lifted, transported and discharged using rakes, that are also suitable for cleaning the filtration area. Rakes are guided by rails at the bottom without any bearings/mechanical components submerged by the raw water.

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AUTOMATIC basket screen

The vertical automatic BASKET SCREEN is generally installed in a pump station and lift station to protect the pumps from clogging and trash coming out of the discharge pipe. The screen is facing the raw water and captures all the possible waste. The basket is designed to receive way more waste than a vertical wire rack which requires a rake that continuously comes up and down. The basket can handle any waste from wipes to rocks with no jamming.

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Dégrilleur Panier - Basket Screen pour poste de relevage Equipwater
dégrilleur vertical - Verti Screen by equipwater

vertical BAR SCREEN – verti screen

The VERTI SCREEN is a vertical wastewater filtration equipment specially designed for deep channels and difficult access. Water screening is carried out by a multitude of vertical bars catching the waste. A rake comes across to pick up the waste through the screen and goes back up to the top of the machine. A shovel ejects the waste into a hopper that discharges in a compactor or dumpster.

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conveyor compactor – EQUIP screw

The EQUIP SCREW allows to combine four operations: washing, draining, conveying and compacting. The operation of the machine starts from the entrance of screenings in the hopper. The material is then conveyed up to the area of compaction and dehydration through the shaft less screw conveyor, then is downloaded into a bin. The volume of the screenings can achieve a reduction of up to 40% or more. The water drained from the compaction zone is conveyed to the lower point to be discharged.

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Dégrilleur escalier Equip Step by equipwater

Inclined step screen – Equip step

EQUIP STEP is a mechanically cleaned screen ideal for headworks and water inlet structures. It consists of a stainless steel frame provided with a filtration area composed by fix and mobile lamellas. The distance between fix and mobile lamellas represents the screen meshes section. The frame is installed in the channel with an inclination angle usually 55° wastewater passes through filtration area (lamellas) and screenings are captured and lifted up by a chain. Screenings are removed from the filtration area and discharged.

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EQUIP PRESS EQUIP PRESS compactor combines two operations: washing and compacting screenings. Waste is dropped into the hopper connected with a tubular section with a perforated bottom for water discharge. Along the transport section, a spray bar washes the solids until the compacting section. The compaction is achieved by means of a “trunk” shaped discharge tube. The high compacting rate and the screen washing allows to reduce disposal costs and odor problems.

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The DRUM SCREEN executes fine micro-screening and is installed upstream of small and medium-sized purification plants. The flow of the suspension for screening meets the surface of the rotary screen perpendicular to the direction of the hole between the bars. While the filtered liquid passes through the holes of the screen and is discharged into a tank under the cylinder, the solids are trapped on the surface of the same screen and are drawn by rolling friction to a spillway blade that diverts them to a special container. The bars of the cylinder are wedge-shaped, permitting the uninterrupted flow of hydraulic pressure and minimizing the risk of solids sticking and causing obstruction.

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