Screw Screen in Tank – SPIRAL SCREEN

SPIRAL SCREEN is useful to pre-treat any kind of sewage water being it municipal or industrial. The machine is installed inside a self-supporting tank. The machine is composed of a tank, complete with hinged upper cover with safety micro switch, air vent, 1” threated pipe. The screening zone is composed by a stainless steel screen basket that can have a perforated mesh aperture from 2 to 10mm in case of perforated profile, or from 0,25 up to 2 mm in case of wedge wire profile. The screen basket is cleaned by reinforced brushes fixed with bolts directly on the external of the transport screw. These reinforced brushes are divided in sectors, easily replaceable when worn. It rotates inside a transport tube coated with wear bars bolted directly on it.

Characteristics & Benefits

Excellent performance even in the presence of fibrous or particularly long products,

Low cost of initial investment

Option by pass

Option water level sensor

Le SPIRAL SCREEN est installée dans un réservoir autoportant. L’équipement est composé d’un réservoir avec couvercle supérieur à charnière avec interrupteur de sécurité, purgeur d’air et tuyau fileté de 1″. La zone de filtration est composée d’un panier grillagé en acier inoxydable perforées de 2 à 10 mm ou de 0,25 à 2 mm pour une tôle grillagée droit. Le panier à tamis est nettoyé par des brosses renforcées fixées avec des boulons directement à l’extérieur de la vis de transport. Ces brosses renforcées sont divisées en secteurs facilement remplaçables.
Tamis Elevateur en caisson Spiral Screen Equipwater
Tamis Élévateur en Caisson – SPIRAL SCREEN
SPIRAL SCREEN is useful to pre-treat any kind of sewage water being it municipal or industrial. Following the application, there are two different versions: screw screen directly installed in the channel or screw screen supplied complete with tank, with liquid inlet and outlet flanges and, at request, with lateral by-pass screen. For both models, you can choose the version with or without compacting zone. The main advantages of these models of machines are mainly the low cost of initial investment and the subsequent little maintenance required.
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SPIRAL SCREEN in production

Screw Screen in tank SPIRAL SCREEN in production