Case study – Step screen EQUIP STEP 1200 – Brezno, Slovakia

installation of two step screens in a wastewater treatment plant

Pretreatment rehabilitation

The two bar screens in operation were obsolete and required a lot of maintenance for the operators. The plant then considered replacing them with two automatic step screens, reusing the existing conveyor belt.

“ Operators spent a lot of time on maintenance ”

Replacement project

• Technology : Step screen
• Aperture lamellas : 10 mm
• Channel width: 1200 mm
• Channel depth: 1120 mm
• Capacity per screen: 500 m³/h


→ Adapted to the current channel size
→ Reusing the conveyor belt
→ Low head loss
→ Working on differential water level to save energy and increase lifespan of the step screens


Full case study

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